USRN Webinar Series: Social Responsibility in Teaching and Learning

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and the University of Pretoria co-host a three-week USRN Webinar Series to discuss university social responsibly in teaching and learning. 

The first week of the Webinar Series themed “Civic Learning through a Service-Learning Requirement: Does It Work?” was held on 21 March 2022, attracting more than 140 participants from 18 countries/ regions registering for the event.

This very instructive and engaging webinar session was facilitated by Prof. Daniel T. L. Shek, Associate Vice President (Undergraduate Programme), and presented by Dr Grace Ngai, Head, Service-Learning and Leadership Office and Dr Stephen C.F. Chan, Consultant and former Head, Service-Learning and Leadership Office of PolyU. In the webinar, Dr Ngai and Dr Chan shared their valuable experience in implementing Service-Learning at PolyU in the past 10 years. Participants responded very positively and there was a very contributive and fruitful discussion during the Q&A session.

The USRN Webinar Series provides a virtual platform for member institutions of the University Social Responsibility Network (USRN) and other higher education institutions to share good university social responsibility (USR) practices and impact stories on a regular basis.  Through the Webinar Series, the USRN aims to advocate for wider social responsibility in higher education and expand the global USR movement.

To view the recorded webinar session, please click here.             

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