13:00-14:00 Registration (L1 Lobby)
14:00-14:15 Welcoming Remarks by Richard William Allen, Dean of School of Creative Media and Conference Chair (M3017 | L3)

14:15-14:30 Break
14:30-16:30 M3090 Shun Hing Lecture Theatre | L3 M6094 Future Cinema Studio | L6
Paper Session 1: Digital Design Phenomenologies
Session Chair: Ashley Wong

Paper Session 2: Culture/History/Memory
Session Chair: Elena Sherstoboeva

Landscape Forms: Machine Learning, 3D Form and Figuration
Peter Nelson, Roberto Alonso Trillo, François Mouillot, Daniel Shanken, Mathis Antony, Ryan Au, Maya Duan and Jianming Mai
Flux Garden—a Poetic Memory of a Lost Garden in VR
Benjamin Seide, Elke Reinhuber and Ross Williams
Mesh2Matter, Rendering New Materialities
George Simms
Robin Hood Gardens: Rewound
Eddie Wong and Nathan Bayliss
Tree and Vanishing Islands: Visualizing Epochs in 3D and Interpreting Fragments in GAN Art
Tengchao Zhou
Visualising Agent-Based Canoe Journeys in a Real-time Computation Virtual Environment
Andrew Burrell and Ali Chalmers Braithwaite
Alien (Post)phenomenologies of Synthetic Media
Jussi Holopainen and Philip Carlisle
Working Towards a Data-Driven History of China: Three Examples from Digital Humanities Explorations
Lik Hang Tsui
16:30-17:00 Coffee Break (M6042, M6075, L6)
17:00-18:30 Introductory Keynote Lecture 1: Hector Rodriguez (M3017 | L3)
Session Chair: Richard William Allen

Crisis, Critique and Technological Understanding
Hector Rodriguez, School of Creative Media, CityU, Hong Kong

18:30-19:15 Conference Reception (M3017 | L3)
19:15-20:00 Dinner (M6042, M6075 | L6)
20:00-22:00 M3090 Shun Hing Lecture Theatre | L3 M6094 Future Cinema Studio | L6
Paper Session 3: Transformative Practices
Session Chair: Daniel Howe

Paper Session 4: Engaging with Biological Systems
Session Chair: Mariana Pérez Bobadilla

Countering Misinformation with Neural Networks
Derek Curry and Jennifer Gradecki
Qatipana: Becoming and Individuation of a Meeting between Technical Apparatus and Natural Systems
Renzo Filinich Orozco
Decolonising AI: A Close Look at the Work of Stephanie Dinkins
Proiti Seal Acharya
Procedural Growth
Kin-Ming Wong
Hatred Apparatus: A Sculpture for the First Half of the 21st Century
Fabrizio Augusto Poltronieri, German Alfonso Nunez and Nicolau Centola
Lingdong Huang and Ziwei Wu
Celyn Bricker and Arturo Muela
Neonate (6e656f6e617465) (2019-2021)
Chok Si Xuan
22:00-22:30 Coffee Break
M6042, M6075 | L6
22:30-00:00 Keynote Lecture 2: Refik Anadol (M3017 | L3)
Session Chair: Maurice Benayoun

Space In the Mind of A Machine
Refik Anadol, Media Artist, Turkey

12:30-13:30 Registration (L1 Lobby)

Keynote Lecture 3: Adrian Mackenzie and Anna Munster (M3017 | L3)
Session Chair: Damien Charrieras

Oscilloscopes, Slide Rules and Nematodes: Perceptions of the ImageNet Observer
Adrian Mackenzie, College of Arts and Social Sciences, Australian National University, Australia
Anna Munster, National Institute for Experimental Arts, University of New South Wales, Australia


15:00-15:30 Coffee Break
M6042, M6075 | L6
15:30-17:30 M3090 Shun Hing Lecture Theatre | L3 M6094 Future Cinema Studio | L6
Paper Session 5: Selfies and Snapshots
Session Chair: Elke Reinhuber

Paper Session 6: Design Architectures
Session Chair: Tobias Klein

Buttonless Cameras and the Machine-made Snapshot Aesthetic
Michal Šimůnek
Control and Communication: A System Study of Platform Economics and Digital Archives in Architectural Design
Provides Ng
The Art of Data Portraiture: Enabling a Public Debate on Self-surveillance
Ralph Kenke, Elmar Trefz, Mark Roxburgh and Mario Minichiello
Meta-Evolver: Evolutionary Strategy for Architectural Intelligence
Karolína Kotnour and Robert B. Lisek
Finding the Relational Image
Marty Miller
Cognitive Assemblages: Spatial Generation Through Wave Function Collapse and Reinforcement Learning
Alessandro Mintrone and Alessio Erioli
  An Information Theory Application to Bio-design in Architecture: UnSESUS
Provides Ng, Baha Odaibat and David Doria
17:30-18:00 Coffee Break
M6042, M6075 | L6
18:00-19:00 M3090 Shun Hing Lecture Theatre | L3 M6094 Future Cinema Studio | L6
Paper Session 7: Back to the Future – Film and the Digital
Session Chair: Louisa Wei

Paper Session 8: Animation and CGI
Session Chair: Mike Wong

Exploring B-Movie Themes in Virtual Reality: The Woman Who Fell to Earth and Met the Pontianak
Benjamin Seide and Benjamin Slater
Expanded Stereoscopy: Developing New Aesthetic Forms for 3D Films
Max Hattler
Alphaville: Our Future City of Digital Surveillance
Kenny K.K. Ng
The Synthetic Cameraman Series: A Practice-based Research Case Study
Lukasz Mirocha
19:00-20:00 Dinner (M6042, M6075 | L6)
20:00-21:45 Plenary 1: The Politics of Machine Learning: Stephanie Dinkins and Adam Harvey (M3017 | L3)
Session Chair: Linda Lai

Archival Loops
Stephanie Dinkins, Department of Art, Stony Brook University, USA

New Optical Regimes
Adam Harvey, Artist and Researcher, USA

21:45-22:15 Coffee Break
M6042, M6075 | L6
22:15-00:00 Plenary 2: Creativity and Access: Janelle Shane and Rebecca Fiebrink (M3017 | L3)
Session Chair: Bryan Chung

AI Just Wants to be Average
Janelle Shane, Research Scientist and Writer, USA

Machine Learning as Creative Design Tool
Rebecca Fiebrink, Creative Computing Institute, University of the Arts London, UK


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