Summit Theme

In 2015, the United Nations Member States defined 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is a universal call for action by all countries to tackle climate change, end poverty and build a more sustainable and inclusive world by 2030.  Higher education plays a unique role in creating knowledge and cultivating talent. None of the 17 SDGs can be achieved without major contributions by university education and research.

The International USR Summit 2022 will be hosted virtually by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University from 16 to 18 November 2022. This action-oriented Summit, themed “Education and Action for a Sustainable Future” aims to nurture and guide generations of new leaders who will drive social change, and translate innovative ideas into concreate steps for a better, inclusive and sustainable future.

The Summit also provides opportunities to accelerate University Social Responsibility (USR) globally, and to share insights and innovative strategies to elevate institutions’ contributions to achieving the SDGs.

Acknowledging a broad range of possible issues, the Summit is arranged along the lines of the below sub-themes:

  • Assessing and Reinforcing USR Impacts
  • Collaborative Research to Address Global Challenges 
  • Driving Institutional Changes for USR 
  • Education to Cultivate Social Responsibility
  • Elevating Sustainable Development through Regional and Global Collaboration
  • Social Innovation for Inclusive Communities 

For more details about presenting abstracts virtually, please refer to the Call for Abstracts page.  

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